Trainer’s Guide

Toolkits are designed to equip organizations and individuals, working directly or indirectly with orphaned children, with knowledge and resources needed to train caregivers, medical professionals and administrators in several topic areas in nutrition and feeding for orphaned children. Contained within are a selection of practical guides and resources for trainers to successfully implement a training program.

Important Considerations

Some components of the toolkits, such as Trainer’s Guide and Lessons, assume basic knowledge in nutrition and feeding and some experience working in or with childcare institutions. Other components, such as Assessing Training Needs and Monitoring and Evaluation, require that the individuals be experienced trainers and be knowledgeable in the areas of pediatric nutrition and feeding. Any staff conducting the training of caregivers should first be trained on toolkit use and content. Additionally, staff should receive regular supervision from a trained professional. It is the responsibility of organizations using this toolkit to provide such training and supervision.

Table of Contents