About A Child’s Best Start

Recognizing that proper nutrition is critical to every child’s growth and development, the Mead Johnson Nutrition Foundation and The Joint Council for International Children’s Services started A Child’s Best Start, dedicated to improving nutritional care for children living in vulnerable conditions around the world.

Through this program, Joint Council and Mead Johnson are leading an initiative to identify best practices for nutritional care among this population of children. The program will provide critical nutrition information to individual caregivers through training on the ground in facilities located everywhere from cities in China, to small towns in rural Mexico.

Together with the SPOON Foundation, Joint Council and Mead Johnson established the Global Nutrition Working Group of leading authorities on nutrition and medical care for vulnerable children and children living without parental care, to provide guidance on the development of program materials, including the content for this website, OrphanNutrition.org. Additional aspects of the program will support research, implement in-language training programs, and provide on-the-ground support to the individual organizations that care for children living in fragile circumstances.