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Worldwide, children living without permanent parental care are at heightened risk for under-nutrition, putting their health and development in great jeopardy. Yet without proper resources, caregivers and professionals are unable to meet the specific nutrition and feeding needs of these children. OrphanNutrition.org is an international portal, part of A Child’s Best Start program, for specialized feeding and nutrition training, best practices, literature reviews and information to effectively equip caregivers and professionals with the tools they need to protect the health of vulnerable children around the globe. Learn more about A Child’s Best Start…

NOTE: This site is still in its developmental stages with the goal to add content gradually over time. Some sections are more robust than others, and will be built out in the months to come.

Featured Project

Cleft Bottle Project

Featured Project

Eight thousand specially designed cleft palate bottles were distributed to more than 1,000 child welfare facilities in China. Read more…

e-Learning Hub

e-Learning Hub

The e-Learning Hub is a training resource for those working to meet the nutrition needs of children living without families.

Orphan Nutrition Library

A Comprehensive
Collection of Research

The Orphan Nutrition Library is the first-of-its-kind compilation of all orphan nutrition-related articles. It contains the latest in orphan feeding and nutrition research, and provides professionals the opportunity to browse article summaries, citations and other relevant references. Read more…